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Easy-to-use yet efficient software for web buttons creator. Build buttons using a number of pre-built options and save your project as a text file or save a preview to a screenshot image.Q:

Knex : How to Insert rows into another table using values from other table?

How do I insert rows into another table using values from other table? (both table have keys from other table as foreign keys)
Here is the table structure
id name key_from_table1_id
id table1_id key_from_table2_id
1 1 1
2 2 2

And, here is the data I’m sending to this table
id name
1 First
2 Second

id table1_id key_from_table2_id
1 1 1
2 1 2
3 2 3

So, here table1.id and table2.table1_id are keys from other table, and I need to insert value from table2.key_from_table2_id into table2.id.
I have tried this query
insert into table2
select * from table2
where table2.table1_id = 1 and table2.id = 1

And received error

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that
corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use
near ‘table1_id = 1

CSS-BuMa Full Version Free

→ CSS web buttons
→ Easy to use
→ Simple interface
→ Works in browser
→ Updatable
→ Customized buttons
→ Printable and shareable
→ Open multiple buttons
→ Preview on Web
→ Edit code
→ CSS and HTML code panels
→ Over 100 buttons ready to use
→ BTM and TXT file export
→ Automatic image detection
→ Easy and effortless way to make web buttons


CSS-BuMa ASP.NET is a free easy-to-use web application that can help you generate buttons that can be embedded into websites.
Styles are stored and reused, and you can easily create as many buttons as needed. You can also re-use the styles for all your future projects.
Button styles can be customized with different colors and fonts. The style can also be changed when a button is hovered.
In addition, you can also modify the background color or image of the button.
You can preview your button’s appearance before you hit “Save” and when it is embedded into the website.
Re-use all the styles you need for a series of buttons; you also have the option to open multiple button templates. The CSS code can be edited and saved as a TXT or BTM file.
Professional web buttons maker
Included are over 100 different styles and you can use them to make web buttons. This ASP.NET application is an ideal solution for those who want to make web buttons easily and quickly.
ASP.NET Description:
→ [ASP.NET Core] [C#]


CSS-BuMa Crack+

Creating CSS web buttons is a simple and straightforward process in the CSS-BuMa. Generate effective customizations for website buttons or create unique background images and insert them into the CSS or HTML code.
It is also possible to edit the properties of the button after it has been designed, which facilitates the subsequent insertion process and saves time. Create buttons using your mouse or from your computer, as it is easy to work with the touch screen interface.
The panel in the CSS-BuMa serves as an editor for the CSS code. It will open the CSS or HTML code on-screen and the file’s size is just a few kilobytes.
CSS web buttons creator on Windows
It is possible to generate CSS web buttons on Windows. The tool has an integrated editor with the following features:

Generate web buttons from the computer, screen and user interaction
Create CSS codes for the custom web button
Customize the look of the web button
Preview the appearance of the button
Export the generated web buttons as a BTM or TXT file

Generate web buttons is an efficient and simple software tool for creating CSS web buttons. The tool generates CCS code and HTML code, as well as allows for the creation of custom buttons. It is possible to generate a button on-screen or from the computer.
Software features
A set of tools that make it possible to add CSS and HTML code for CCS or HTML files into the editor. The app also allows for the creation of custom buttons, which can have different CSS and/or HTML codes. The customizations allow for the property changes for the whole button, the hover effect, and the link that can be entered.
Other features
Generate web buttons is a good solution for beginners who wish to generate web buttons using the online editor. It has a streamlined user interface that makes it possible to add the CSS and HTML code on-screen. The tool saves the final project as a BTM or TXT file, which can be pasted into the next editor or to a computer.J. B. Jackson

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What’s New In?

CSS-BuMa is a simple yet efficient software solution that can help you generate buttons using either CCS and HTML code or by manually customizing them with background photos, colors and fonts. They can be easily embedded into websites and can open another link, a donation, payment or download links.
Easy process of making web buttons
The provided interface is easy-to-learn, structured into multiple distinct tabs that hold the link customizations, the list of buttons, the preview, and CSS and HTML code panels. The app is suitable for those who already possess the basics of CSS and HTML programming languages.
Use the offered samples to get familiarized with the options
From the menu, you can create one or more buttons or open existing ones from the computer. The app comes packed with a few samples you can use to get accustomed with the functions.
You have the choice to edit and customize each button the way you see fit. Make sure you hit the “Replace” button for the changes to take place and to save your project before exiting the app.
Name and personalize the buttons
For each button, you have the options to modify the name, link that can be entered manually or from the PC and target (none, child, parent, blank).
In addition, the tool lets you personalize the main link, the look when you hover the mouse and when the URL is visited. Among the offered properties you can change the font’s color, alignment, type and size, as well as the button’s face tone, margin and dimension.
Load unique photos for each link and save your work as a text file
Each style (link, hover, visit) can have a different background image, which can be repeated and positioned to left, center or right. You have the option to preview the appearance of the buttons and enter an already made CSS or HTML code in the app.
The project can be saved as BTM or TXT file and open in other specialized third-party code editors. Plus, the CSS code can be copied to the clipboard and saved to the computer..
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