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Snyder, Robert, James Kuppe, Robert J. Thompson, and Jeffrey P. Moss. 2002.
1. Field of the Invention
This invention relates to improving the performance of a computer. More specifically, this invention relates to improving the performance of a computer and preventing its self-destruction in an orderly manner.
2. Description of the Related Art
A computer relies on a storage medium to store all of its data and programs. This storage medium, usually a hard disk, relies on a disk controller to manage all of the read and write operations that occur to the disk and to provide a number of other essential functions.
In typical operation, the controller receives a command from a peripheral computer to write data to or read data from a location of the disk. Data and programs are stored in the disk at a number of different locations, usually called track and sector locations. Typically, the controller uses a track and sector position value to identify where the requested data is located, and retrieves the data or programs from the appropriate location.
Typically, the storage medium is divided into sectors, and each sector is further divided into tracks. Thus, in most cases the location of data, for instance, is specified by a combination of a track and sector number.
To read and write data to and from the disk, the controller needs to know where a sector or a track is located. This information is obtained by reading a cylinder number and a head number from a head position indicator. A head position indicator identifies the current location of a read/write head used to read or write data to the disk. Information on a cylinder number is read from the disk using a servo system. A servo system is used by the disk controller to position the head of the disk at the proper track and sector for data retrieval and data storage. Because the tracks on the disk are radially arranged, a cylinder number identifies the location of the head within the disk. That location is shown in the figure to the right.
Typically, the cylinder number is read from the disk before the head begins a read/write operation on a track or a sector. For instance, the disk controller may initiate a read/write operation to track

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