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WinForm application opens in single visual studio and dosent in multi visual studio environment

I have one WinForm Application which runs fine when i run it in single visual studio environment. But if i open that same application multiple times by opening it in same vs environment it stops working. So, i am wondering is there any setting in vs which makes it force to work in single visual studio environment.


On the Project > Properties > Build tab > Platform Target > Run and Debug, are you specifying a Target Platform? By default it’s.NET 4 Client Profile. By looking at the documentation for the.NET 4 client profile, I don’t see any performance issues.


how to update a row in mysql that changes another row’s “field”

OK, I am really new with MySQL. I have two tables (Table1 and Table2).
Table1 has an associated id with each record.
Table2 has a field: col1 with the corresponding id.
For each record in Table1, I want to update Table2’s col1 value so that it is the same as the value in Table1’s id field.
id col1 col2

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