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Yes, there is always a danger of playing the old drum about how we need to minimize our impact. It is not true, the emphasis in our lives needs to be on living, not destroying. I imagine we will have a surprise once we have collapsed in a rain forest surrounded by lost civilization and they are all picnicking. There will be an angelic food choice of the moment delivered by delivery drivers. While it was rather sad in the caves of Lascaux where they ate their diet off of some rotting organic materials, at least they were eating. Likewise, I imagine the craftsmen of the lost cities of antiquity would have cooked their meals with oils and fats, albeit at the end of their days a bit more unhealthy than we do. Food is the one medium in which we must be able to participate as in the best fable, we are the guardians of the earth. A great way to appreciate our vulnerability as a species is to take your kid to a museum. To see what they can do with a lock is to understand that they are beyond our ability to be conscious creators. However, it is only a matter of time before people stop being afraid and will live as they have been suggested to live. The next challenge for the human race is whether we can live within the ecology of that living being or whether we will die from a lack of knowledge.

There is a way to understand the difference between technology and progress. We have access to technology, and in the past technology improved our lives. We have also seen the results of technology and progress as we have increased our knowledge, power and infrastructure. Technology is essentially any method for our human-created ills to be solved. Over the centuries technology has been the best thing we have had at wiping out groups of people, but that does not mean that it is the only way to wipe out people. Yes, I know that is not right. I know its not. They have executed people and that is horrible. We need to see these things as what they are.

It is about the World. It is just as much the case that I have my World, and you have yours. This is not dualism or duality but a simple reminder that there is a World and a World is the world, a World is not the sum of me and you. The World is before you and after you. It is above you and below you. It is not inside you or outside you. Its is every where, yet the World has a dynamic in which everything is alive in a whole new way. There is the divine intelligence of the World and the divine intelligence of each thing as it is.
This is a religious truth. We need to realize that what we call religion is nothing more than a practice of the World. The World is the place where we are all the same and we all need to practice being more and more of that. We need to live our lives in such a way that the World is more, and the World is the more. If there is a God, God is like that, and God loves us all.
On Fridays and Saturdays, the casino turns into a downtown party place, complete with live music, late-night dance parties, food trucks, and drinking. If youre a gambler, enjoy it; youll need to find extra ways to take pleasure in your leisure time. Theres an age limit on the park, and guests are required to be in their early 20s. Age-managed casinos use a minimum age restriction so they can assist police keep a watch over drunken patrons and the public. For the most part, risk takers are younger: The median age at the last park that opened was between 29 and 36, although most casinos have the median age a little a lot less than 29.
I think the best we can do is to learn to live with our fears and preserve our sanity. Its not so much a question of annihilation, but of wholeness or wholeness disordered. The Indian use of yoga as a compendium of healing is probably some of the closest we can come to understanding the Truth. What is the burden of a life of denial, of evading that which is difficult and scary, of “trying to make it on the square”? This is how the great mystics have defined the difficulty of the transition. In the end, the wisdom of the elders can no longer be ignored. Many of the great spiritual and scientific masteries of the world have illuminated the most secret recesses of the human mind and heart. The age of ready-made answers is over.

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