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FastHasher [Updated] 2022

“FastHasher Cracked Accounts calculates file hashes in just 2.5 seconds
using all supported hash algorithms. It is easy and
fast to use. FastHasher has few but useful configuration
options that enable you to increase hash rate or
decrease file size. FastHasher can be used with large
files. The application can calculate hashes on files
up to 4 GB. The size of input file can be specified
at startup. Version 2.0.4 contains bug fixes.”

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FastHasher’s great program reminds me of the FTP/SFTP client SecureFTP, as both are designed to provide a fast and easy way to transfer files over a secure connection

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A special feature that not all FTP clients have is the ability to transfer files using sftp, which stands for secure ftp/sftp. SecureFTP has this ability, and with FastHasher, you too can benefit from this function

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FastHasher Related Software

FastHasher Related Software

A special feature that not all FTP clients have is the ability to transfer files using sftp, which stands for secure ftp/sftp. SecureFTP has this ability, and with FastHasher, you too can benefit from this function

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FastHasher Crack +

FastHasher can hash a variety of file types directly to your clipboard or save them to a text file. Hash files with it and send them to your friends with e-mail or copy the hash to a file and save it for easier sharing. FastHasher has MD5 and SHA1 hashing options. FastHasher has a Max Buffer Size of 32MB and a Delay in seconds to wait before the hash is calculated and compared to the source file. It comes with a File Dialog to choose your files to hash. FastHasher has a Help button to find features, how to use it, or a dictionary for unknown terms.

10 User Reviews

Name: Imran Khan
Computer Experience: Multi-Platform, Windows 10,Windows 8/8.1

Problem: The previous Fast Hash has crashed. Are you aware that the there are many issues with this application. One time it crashed, it was impossible to get back to the app. So now I am trying to find a new one and with the help of your forum please can you point me to the best one?Q:

Using a variable string to extract from another string

I have a java swing application which takes in values from an int db values. It then generates a string which contains all the values from the db, however I only want to use the first value.
I’m using the scanner class to take in the DB values.
I have the values being stored in a local array list.
Stored values
String[] values = {
“3333333”,”233333″, “4524332”

I want to take the first value in the array and just output “333”.
So my string would look like:

How would I go about doing this?


This will use all indexes in the array (based on the first value – you may want to use 0):
String[] values = {
“3333333”,”233333″, “4524332”

int index = 0;
String result =;

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As its name clearly states, FastHasher is a utility designed to do one thing: to help you hash files in the easiest and fastest way possible.
For starters, it’s worth noting that the application requires the presence of.NET Framework 3.5 or higher in order to work as intended. Once this condition is met, FastHasher can be run directly without the need for administrative privileges or prior user configuration.
The fastest way to hash files
The app boasts support for some of the most popular and secure hash algorithms out there such as MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512. Working with FastHasher feels like a walk in the park, as all you have to do is drag and drop (or use the FileDialog file selector) the file you want to hash onto its main window.
Please note that the application does not support bulk processing, meaning you’ll have to manually load multiple files one at a time. The application is pretty much resource-friendly, and works well on all supported versions of Windows. However, it does feature a few buffer and performance-oriented settings.
Boasts a surprising amount of configuration features
For example, even though there’s no file size limit (meaning it can even work with files larger than 4 GB), it provides you with the option of choosing the buffer size. By default, the app has a set buffer size of 2 MB, however, you can go as high as 32 MB or as low as 1 KB. This ensures that even the oldest computers with slow CPUs can get most out of what this app has to offer.
Of course, if you’re running a modern computer with an SSD, then values of upwards of 8 MB should be the target. From the lower part of the main window, you can also opt to skip MD5 and SHA1 (especially if you have a slow machine). Last but not least, the app also enables you to save the hash results to a text file.
Hash files in mere seconds with the help of FastHasher
To conclude, if you’re looking for a fast, lightweight, and very user-friendly app to help you hash files, then FastHasher is as good as they come. It does not require installation and administrative rights to run, and it has enough configuration options to work on all types of computers out there.

FastHasher Description:
As its name clearly states, FastHasher is a utility designed to

What’s New in the?

New version of Fast Hash is implemented as either standalone application (installed, executable) or as a program inside the data folder. It stores the calculated hash in a special folder and, according to settings you may change the size of the buffer (hash is stored in the memory buffer) and the name of the file with the calculated hash (C:\YourHash).The program uses a fast hash algorithm MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512. The software uses a method of the calculation, uses a window to get an access to files during the hashing process and changes the size of the main window buffer.

Create a fast hash calculation of the files:
You can specify the name of the program that calculates the hash with the function GetHashFileName(). In this case, the size of the buffer (size of the hash stored in the main window) and the size of the result are limited by the user settings.
The size of the buffer is limited by the size of the parameters set by the function GetHashBufferSize(). These parameters allow the user to quickly shift the calculation to another process if the calculation exceeds the buffer allocated for the file.

Uses a fast hash algorithm MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512 with the following size:

Installed: Size of the hash calculated MD5 – 2080 bytes, SHA1 – 2080 bytes, SHA256 – 4080 bytes, SHA384 – 4800 bytes and SHA512 – 5000 bytes

If this option is selected, the name of the calculated hash is stored in the folder C:\YourHash (if the buffer exceeds 1000 bytes, a hash is written to the file C:\YourHash.txt )

C:\Users\Public\Downloads\Fast Hash\Setup\Processors\MD5.hc
C:\Users\Public\Downloads\Fast Hash\Setup\Processors\SHA1.hc
C:\Users\Public\Downloads\Fast Hash\Setup\Processors\SHA256.hc
C:\Users\Public\Downloads\Fast Hash\Setup\Processors\SHA384.hc
C:\Users\Public\Downloads\Fast Hash\Setup\Processors\SHA512.hc

MD5 – a hash algorithm – is an internationally accepted hash algorithm for data integrity. The implementation of the algorithm

System Requirements:

1) Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10
2) DirectX 11 compatible video card
3) 2GB RAM recommended
1) NVIDIA and AMD cards
2) Intel cards (Core2 Duo or Core2 Quad)
3) CPUs
4) Fast and stable internet connection
5) Optical or Coaxial audio
6) DirectX 11 compatible video card (AMD cards require the latest drivers)2GB RAM recommendedNVIDIA and AMD cardsIntel cards (Core2 Duo or Core

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