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AutoCAD is used in the design, documentation, construction, maintenance and repair of buildings and civil engineering projects. The application’s popularity is based primarily on its ease of use, extensive library of tools and strong visual interface.

AutoCAD is based on a point-and-click design approach and typical commands are entered by clicking on icons. Tools include line, circle, polygon, curve, text, raster and other drawing objects. AutoCAD is also used in the creation and customization of 3D objects, such as furniture and models. Autodesk offers a suite of AutoCAD plugins to enhance a web browser’s native functionality and for special purposes.

AutoCAD History

AutoCAD was developed by AutoDesk, Inc. as its first major software application, being originally released as a desktop app running on microcomputers with internal graphics controllers and sold for $1,795 (1982).

AutoDesk has continued to develop AutoCAD throughout its history and now it is available in more than a dozen languages and covers almost every CAD market. In 1990, AutoDesk expanded its suite with Autodesk Inventor, a 2D- and 3D-CAD program with a point-and-click approach. In 2004, Autodesk released its current flagship CAD package, AutoCAD, for Mac OS X and Windows.

After the first release, AutoCAD was quickly adopted by engineers, architects, contractors, designers and others involved in planning, design and construction projects. By the 1990s, desktop computers with internal graphics controllers became inexpensive and AutoCAD became available on a wide range of desktops, workstations and servers. As of 2008, AutoCAD is the world’s most widely used CAD package.

AutoCAD Features

A typical AutoCAD drawing consists of a collection of layers, wherein each layer can be defined by one or more linetypes and each linetype can be defined by one or more lineweights. A drawing also can have one or more color-coded sheets, each sheet having a different color for layers. Layers can be hidden or un-hidden from the drawing, allowing designers to hide the parts of the drawing that they do not need to see while still being able to review the hidden layers.

In AutoCAD, the drawing window can be moved, resized, rotated, scrolled, zoomed and manipulated in

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User interface

The software runs on Windows and is available in two major editions: Home and Professional. The Home edition is free and contains a license to run one instance of the software, while the Professional edition costs $800 and can be licensed for multiple concurrent instances. AutoCAD Cracked Version is also available in a hosted service model for $300 per month. The software has a built-in “sandbox” feature, in which features can be tested without using the rest of the program, and can be used to create a large number of drawings without the need to license AutoCAD for use in production.

Opening and viewing AutoCAD drawings
The two modes for opening a drawing in AutoCAD are the local mode and the network mode. The local mode opens the drawing from the location the file is saved on the computer or server hard drive. The network mode opens the drawing from a shared drive on a network. While in the network mode, AutoCAD will connect to the shared network folder to retrieve the drawing file and display it in the drawing area. Once a file is opened, it is still possible to save to any existing folder on the computer, or to move it to a shared folder. The drawings can be saved in the local, shared, or on the network location. If a file has been saved in a network location, it can be opened from the shared location with no effort. If a file is saved in a shared location, it can be opened from another shared location on a different computer with no effort.

Interacting with AutoCAD drawings
All of the features of AutoCAD are accessible through the on-screen menus and toolbars. A number of additional commands and functions are available by typing commands or through dialog boxes. The menus, toolbars, and other controls of AutoCAD can be changed through the User Interface, or through the AutoCAD Application Interface or Autodesk Exchange App.

User interface
The user interface of AutoCAD is customizable by the user to meet their needs. It is possible to create new User Interface elements and modify the existing ones. The User Interface of AutoCAD is an XML file which is composed of different parts. Some parts of it are for the on-screen display, such as the toolbar and menu bar. Others parts of it are for the XML, such as XML texts, paths and coordinates, nodes, and so on.

Each Autodesk application, including AutoCAD, has its own user interface

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MySQL select single row to display comma separated values

I have a table and rows in the table that looks like the following:
id | name | place | date | status
1 | John | Sydney | 2013 | 1
2 | John | Sydney | 2013 | 2
3 | Jane | Dallas | 2013 | 1

I am trying to display a single row in the following format:
id | name | place | date | status
1 | John | Sydney | 2013 | 1,2

1. The first row is the current row being displayed (referred to as current row)
2. For every row where the status is 1 and the date is greater than the current row’s date (referred to as the next row) the name and place from the current row are concatenated together separated by a comma.
3. For every row where the status is 2 and the date is not greater than the current row’s date (referred to as the previous row) the name and place from the current row are concatenated together separated by a comma.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


So your table looks like this:
SELECT id, name, place, date, status
FROM table
WHERE status IN (1,2)
AND date >
(SELECT min(date) FROM table WHERE status = 1)

But it should be noted that this is

What’s New In?

Changes can be made to imported drawing files that have already been sent.

Changes made to imported files can be consolidated into single edits, eliminating redundant drawing steps.

Work from markers, as if you were using the paper-based, pen-based, or highlighter-based method.

Use the Look & Feel view in Drafting & Annotation mode to review, assess, and respond to the latest changes that have been imported.

Import into the oldest drawing that is open.

Convert imported text to CAD text so it looks similar to other CAD text.

With one drawing open and a marker, annotate imported drawings.

With a drawing open and a text marker, annotate imported drawings.

Contextual Help is available when you are using a tool.

Help topics can be enhanced with the use of comments or comments can be found within blocks or blocks can reference other blocks.

Contextual Help can include keystroke sequences and CAD commands to help you complete a task.

Communication can be incorporated into an easily accessible, easy-to-find format for reference and revision.

Design documentation can be incorporated into the drawing process.

Blocks can be individually tagged and printed as a PDF or imported into other software, such as Microsoft Word, to help with the generation of necessary documentation.

With print support and print assist, the AutoCAD operator can print any block in any drawing.

Drawing actions are performed automatically when you select a block or view a tooltip on a block.

One-click scale drawing. Scale drawings while you draw.

Drawing outlines include hints to help guide you and keep you within the viewport.

Press-and-hold a command can be automatically executed.

Press-and-hold a command can be manually executed.

The Marker tool has a new shape with a subtle orange border that helps you place accurate markers.

The Marker tool has new marker styles that accommodate various marker shapes.

Access all drawing entities from a block, even when you’re not in the block that you selected.

Create a link in a parent block, which can then be linked to other blocks within the drawing.

Linked blocks can be edited and rearranged.

Linked blocks can

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32 or 64 bit)
Intel or AMD CPU
512 MB RAM (min of 256 MB)
VGA or better graphics card
DirectX (version 9.0c or higher)
2 GB of hard drive space (for installation)
USB 2.0 Ports
A retail copy of Resident Evil 2 is required to play the game. The game can be played on any Windows OS platform including Windows

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