Vector And Tensor Analysis By Dr Nawazish Ali Pdf Download [2021] 12 🤚

Vector And Tensor Analysis By Dr Nawazish Ali Pdf Download [2021] 12 🤚


Vector And Tensor Analysis By Dr Nawazish Ali Pdf Download 12


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Calling.text() in a parent is not working

I am having an issue trying to get text from a parent cell when the cell is clicked.
$(“.gwSorting input”).click(function() {
cellID = $(this).attr(‘class’);
var name = $(this).parent().parent().text();

It gets the class name from the clicked input, but cellID will always be the class name…so, for some reason name is always undefined. This is the HTML for a part of it:


You need to loop through each parent, and use.find() to target the input for each parent.
$(“.gwSorting input”).click(function () {
cellID = $(this).attr(‘class’);
var name = $(this).find(“.gwRating”).text();

2D microarrays and nanoarrays reveal post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression during G1 phase.
The assembly of multicellular organisms from unicellular ones requires temporal and spatial coordinate regulation of gene expression. In mammals, cell cycle progression from G1 to S phase is divided into two phases, G1 and S phase, by the action of several checkpoints. While cell cycle regulators in S phase control the progression of DNA synthesis, those in G1 phase drive the cell cycle after the restriction point, which allows the cell to grow and divide.

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