what is a billable expense income

what is a billable expense income You can identify it as chargeable in QuickBooks as a bill, cheque, or expense. This suggests that you should check the chargeable box and provide the name of the client who will pay the expense

What is billable expense income?

Billable expense income is revenue that is generated by purchases made on behalf of a third-party client or customer. A common example of this is the items that a caterer purchases to put on an event for your company. The caterer pays for the trays and burners, then itemizes those expenses on your invoice—that portion of the invoice is billable expense income.

Other examples of billable expenses include research and planning, online payment processing fees, tools for client engagement, materials costs, subscriptions and fees for service providers, and travel expenses. Let’s dive into exactly why and how each of these is a billable expense.

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