Switching between browsers or making a browser your system's default one is relatively easy.
If you want to directly open links from apps, naturally, this task will fall upon your system's default browser. But, what if you want to open certain links from various apps with other browsers?
What is BrowserSelector?
Well, you can copy the link after it was first opened by the default browser and paste it into another browser, or you can save yourself a bit of time by using BrowserSelector.
As its name clearly states, Browser Selector is a relatively straightforward Windows utility that allows you to dynamically select any (installed) browser to open links (or a specific type of links).
Here's how to configure the tool
After its installation, you'll first have to make BrowserSelector the default browser. To do this, go to Settings, Default Apps, scroll down until you find Web Browser, and select the app from the provided list.
Next, you'll have to launch the app and add your preferred browsers in the Browser List section. You are required to provide the browser's name and path in order to add an entry. You can by-pass this step completely if you choose to opt to choose the "Installed Browsers" menu.
Each individual entry can be configured to suit your needs. For example, you can set various "contain" rules. This is useful if you want to open specific links that contain fixed keywords or expressions with a particular browser. In short, you can add simple rules to automatically select the browser depending on the URL string.
Last but not least, you can also import or export configurations for later use.
There's no doubt that BrowserSelector is a simple app, and even though it might seem a bit "gimmicky" for some, other users are sure to appreciate its value.
It provides a straightforward and convenient way of dynamically selecting browsers to open specific links when you click them in apps.


Download ✦✦✦

Download ✦✦✦






BrowserSelector Crack + Download

Simple to use

Runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

Has a web browser list

Easy to import and export

Runs on all modern Windows versions

How to Install and Use BrowserSelector Serial Key:

1- After you have downloaded it, run the.exe file and the app will automatically run.

2- Select a browser from the installed browsers, then select “Save Browser List” to save the browser list for use later.

3- Select a browser and “Open URL” to open a given link.

To get your hands on BrowserSelector

You can download the installer from the link provided below.

Download BrowserSelector

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BrowserSelector Crack+ Free For Windows (2022)

Have you ever wanted to choose between two web browsers to open a link? Have you ever wanted to view a list of browsers to select the one you want to use? Have you ever wanted to open a link with an app that sends you to the URL you want without you having to type it yourself?
Well, if you have, you may find BrowserSelector useful. It is a simple but useful tool that you can use to configure your browser of choice to open specific URLs of interest.
For example, say you want to open a specific web page with one browser and a different web page with another. So, you might want to have a page open with Safari and another with Chrome. Or, you might want to have a specific URL opened with Safari and a different one with Chrome. Or, you might want to have a specific URL opened with Chrome and a different one with Safari.
You can do this by creating “contain” rules that automatically open a link with the browser you wish and then saving them as a configuration. This way, when you come back to BrowserSelector later, you can simply use it to open a URL with the desired browser without having to copy the URL or change anything manually.
This tool is also useful if you want to switch between web browsers or use them as the default browser. It comes with two modes: “Installed Browsers” and “Choose Your Browsers”.
The first is great for those who want to open links in a specific browser, and the second is great for those who want to “dynamically” open specific URLs with their browsers.
It is a simple tool, but useful if you want to go from one browser to another or go from one browser to an app and have it open a specific URL.
If you have any issues or questions, please contact us!
Installed Browsers:
Choose Your Browsers:
You can download BrowserSelector from here:


1. Close both browsers

What’s New in the BrowserSelector?

If you have multiple browsers installed on your system, you probably know that you can easily switch between them by either opening up the default browser or choosing other browsers from the system's default settings.
You can even use the default browser to open links in other browsers, but that requires you to have a specific app open the link initially. If you have multiple apps that open links to various locations, you can still use a browser you have open to actually open the links, but that's a bit cumbersome.
BrowserSelector fixes that.
When you choose a link with BrowserSelector, a custom list of browsers is presented to you. You can then select which browser you want to open the link with and close the list of browsers. If you want to open a new link in the same browser, you can click the "Open" button.
The tool is simple, and you can even choose to have the system launch the link directly. If you want to run it on startup, you'll find the option in the "Settings" section of the application.

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System Requirements For BrowserSelector:

1.1GHz Dual Core Processor
1GB of RAM
OS: Windows 7
Network: 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
1.2GHz Dual Core Processor
2GB of RAM
1.3GHz Dual Core Processor
4GB of RAM

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