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A simple downloader, that suits all your needs. If you are looking for a fast, simple download manager that can download files in one step, we suggest you take a look at this one.
Adding a file you want to download is as simple as it gets. Go to your start page and press Download Express. If your download is ready, you should receive a message that contains the file path. Click OK and you are ready to rock and roll.
Desktop configuration
There are two easy ways to configure the downloaded files. Go to your desktop configuration and enter the destination path, or use the suggested destination or URL path.
It’s a one-step procedure. Either select the local path or the suggested path, click OK and you’re done. That’s it!
The program is quick to download files and managed to download a 500 MB file in less than 50 seconds. It is also a very light program.
Double click the files to open in your default application or double click the desktop icon to run it.

We tested Download Express on a 1.83 GHz Pentium 4 PC with 512 MB of RAM running the Windows XP Home Edition. The downloader is available as a free installation.
The interface resembles other similar programs (such as and contains a small, but complete Help file. Although the downloading is fully automatic, it contains basic settings that you can play with.
For example, you can choose the size for the minimal number of threads to be allocated to your download. When you add a file to the queue, the downloader prepares the file. You can also set the file quality (either AC3 or MP3 format), download speed and other settings. The download is delayed if a similar file or file with the same name is already in the queue.
The following image is how the downloading process looks like. The estimated time remaining appears, so you can keep an eye on the progress.

The interface is very straightforward and there is a lot of information about the downloading process. The interface is presented in a good-looking manner and the amount of settings to change is significant. Download Express is an easy-to-use program that is a great downloader for all users.

The interface is very basic but certainly functional. Clicking the button Downloads the file to the specified directory. It seems that the program has some kind of a preference where it would like to download files to. If you press the button Download to your hard drive, it simply

MetaProducts Download Express Crack Full Version Free

Helps you deal with “strange” links.
Supports FTP and HTTP protocols.
Supports URLs starting with http, http:, ftp:, ftp:, https and https: URLs.
Uses the Wget tool as a helper for downloading files, downloading whole web pages, entering search terms, creating bookmarks.
Automatically selects the speed mode according to the page you are downloading (medium, low, high).
Additional options: file downloading and upload, pause or resume, support for viruses, etc.

MetaDownload Help List of Features

The information displayed is sufficient to get the job done.
Downloading large files is a breeze.
It’s easy to use, fast, convenient and effective.
It’s easy to install and use on all platforms.
The interface is simplistic.
Simple configuration with a few features.
The program is lightweight and doesn’t affect system resources.

MetaDownload Help List of Problems

The program is simple and convenient, but the interface is fairly clunky and doesn’t look great on WINDOWS.
Support documentation could be better.
The program lacks the ability to resume a task and save the file after download.


If you like downloading large files and want a powerful, yet simple and convenient program, you need to look no further than Download Express.
Download Express is an excellent choice.

The Bottom Line

If you want to download large files or configure them, you can’t get a better download manager than Download Express.
Its powerful interface lets you set up rules, up to several presets, and select the speed mode for every download.
In addition, you can use it as a helper to download large files, start and resume a download, configure FTP and HTTP proxies, and so on.
Furthermore, you can pause and resume downloads, use the software in offline mode, and have it scan the files you download for viruses.

Download Express offers users a simple and fast way to download files from the web.
It is lightweight and doesn’t affect system resources.
In addition, you can easily add and manage files from lists.
It also has integrated or external tools to download files, configurations and configurations for FTP and HTTP, virus scanning.
You can use multiple installations of Download Express simultaneously and transfer files to any folder in your computer.
On the other hand, you can also edit the settings of a selected task without affecting the others.
The program

MetaProducts Download Express Crack +

Download Express is a download manager, which has appeared on the Internet in the form of a free download.
The main advantage of this program is that it can download files from the Internet to user’s hard disk and at the same time, it allows the user to interrupt and resume file downloads.
This way, the program saves you from downloading large files separately. This allows you to download a video from the Internet for example, pause it and then resume downloading.
The interface of this free download manager is pretty simple. It is very important that you should have good knowledge of the Internet. For example, you can add the URL of the file, set its destination, and referrer (if any).
Furthermore, there is a map of the downloaded parts of the file. Besides, you can view the status of each active download (its start and the estimated time left).
As you download files, you can view the details of your ongoing downloads in the main window. You can select whether a downloaded file should be played automatically, you can play it later (instead of downloading) or just display the file information.
Download Express also allows you to set download speed and the status of your downloading jobs.
Download Express is an extremely user-friendly application. It saves you time by downloading large files in one go.

The install package is well-organized. There are no unnecessary files to be uninstalled. The program does not install a desktop icon, the folder does not appear in the programs list, and you can close it without problems.
The setting of the interface is intuitive, no matter where you are. The interface is designed with a background in mind. The latest version of the program has a clear support for the touch screen. You can scroll with your finger, or select from the list with double clicks.
It is worth noting that the program displays the program name and information about it in the main window. It is located in the desktop. Additionally, we can specify the program name by right-clicking it. The program allows us to pick the account used for adding files to the queue and online task list, to download them, and to store the downloaded files.
You can integrate Download Express and WinHTTP AutoProxy, a free utility for internet connection and download optimization. By using it, you can get faster downloads. This program is well-documented.
Download Express is available to download at the official Web site of the software.
System requirements for downloading:
Windows 10

What’s New In?

Download Express is a download manager whose capabilities can be better seen when downloading files of large sizes.
The interface of the program borrows elements from other similar software, so it is pretty simplistic. You can add an URL, set its output destination, as well as referrer. By default, a task is in an idle state when you add it to the queue, so you have to start it.
For each active downloading task, a window pops up in which you can view various information (file name, URL, output path, file size, current speed, estimated time left and if the “resume” option is supported).
You can also view a map (a graphical representation of downloaded parts of the file), progress and tips on how to use the manager. Furthermore, you can set downloading speed by adjusting a slider (background, low, medium, high).
In the “Advanced” menu, you can select preferred language, action to take when download completes (e.g. play sound, show message), as well as enable virus checkup for downloaded files (by selecting a third-party antivirus software).
In addition, you can configure the minimal thread size, connection timeout, settings for each speed mode, HTTP and FTP proxy settings, as well as integration (e.g. accept specific file types).
The program uses a small amount of system resources and manages to download a large file (e.g. 1.44GB) in a significantly lower amount of time than other download managers. Also, you can access a well-drawn online help file (includes snapshots).
We haven’t come across any problems during our tests. The bottom line is that Download Express is a very good download manager and we strongly recommend it to all users.
Why you need it:
Its simplistic and straightforward design allows you to easily handle large downloads without worrying about the numerous settings on the program. You can adjust download speed to your liking, and it’s easy to pause and resume downloads. You can even use files for multiple downloads at once.
How we tested it:
We used it to download files of different sizes, including 65MB, 7.59GB, and a hefty 1.44GB. Download Express worked flawlessly in the transfer of these files, and we also came across no errors of any kind. In fact, the number of threads it can handle is a lot more than we expected.
The program is supported by a solid, well-written and comprehensive help file. Even though its

System Requirements For MetaProducts Download Express:

The game will work on the following operating systems: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
A 32-bit or 64-bit processor is required
For best performance, a graphics card that meets the minimum requirements is recommended
Memory: 2 GB
4 GB for the best performance
Hard Disk: 2 GB available space
For the best experience, at least 2 GB available space
DirectX 9.0c

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