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Category:Outlook ExpressTinder user told to ‘cleanse’ his phone after trolling his ex

When people find out about Tinder, the app that matches people with like-minded partners, the first reaction of most is one of excitement. But for a man who used the app to troll his ex-girlfriend, the latter’s reaction to finding a photo of her ex-boyfriend on his phone was less than ecstatic.


Matthew, 30, and his girlfriend had been together for eight months and had been planning a future together. But two months ago, she told him that she wanted to find someone else. And to his shock, she did, even if it was just a casual fling.


The 30-year-old noted that his girlfriend told him that she was on Tinder and went to check out his photos. What she didn’t expect was to find a picture of a man she had dated for almost a year.

Claiming to be a close friend, Matthew explained that Tinder users have to “cleanse” their phones before they can use the app. For the uninformed, “cleansing” is actually a euphemism for raping someone’s phone.

Yeah, it actually is.

In the “dirty” state, some photos uploaded to the app look like nothing more than a grainy snapshot that really should not be shared. But when pictures are “clean” from the app, they look much clearer.

Matthew was lucky that his girlfriend never looked through all his pictures and she only looked at the most recent ones. She says she immediately recognized him and called him out. He told her that he had assumed she had deleted all the pictures on the app, or she would never have checked his phone in the first place.

He was then asked if he would have sent that picture if he had known it was ex-girlfriend. He said he probably would have, and that he was trying to cause a bit of havoc.

This is also known as revenge porn.

Per a recent study by Dangerous Free Speech, one in four people who reported having had their phone stolen and subsequently searched through its contents reported having been the victim of a sextortion or revenge porn incident.

Meanwhile, a recent survey conducted by Newzoo found that more than 85% of teens have been exposed to online revenge porn.

Matthew still remains under the assumption

Mar 20, 2019
Microsoft Outlook Express database converter can convert mail to one of the most common file formats, including MBOX, DBX, and EML.
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Systools DBX to Mail Converter helps to export mails from a DBX file to different. DBX file is a database file format developed by Microsoft to save or.
Systools DBX to PST Converter is a reliable utility program that performs batch conversion for changing DBX, MSG, PST files into new Outlook Express database files.
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Oct 13, 2019

Is there a way to give a better time to a thread inside the boost::asio::io_service?

I’m using the boost::asio::io_service from a main thread, and a worker thread.
A call to from the main thread eventually calls into the worker thread, and sometimes the worker thread takes a very long time to execute the call. If the service isn’t very busy or if the main thread doesn’t call often, the worker thread runs very quickly.
Is there any way to give the worker thread a better time to run the call?


From the documentation:

The asynchronous operations are executed in the order that they
associated sockets/io_services are added to the io_service object.

My interpretation of this is that you can use boost::asio::io_service::work, which will pause its async handlers, to tell the io_service to start another work queue. This will start running its work queues in the order you add them, and may have the effect of moving your long-running call to be run before the short-running call, since the work queue is ordered by how long-running they are, not at the time they are added.
This is a bit more high-level than the server-socket example

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