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Short answer: not necessarily. According to one recent study, having sex once or twice weekly was associated with higher self-reported health, but that was among women who were married, not single, or divorced, such as the cases of Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. “When it comes to decision-making about having sex,” says Dr. Lauren Streicher, a psychologist at the Kinsey Institute, “it’s important to remember that the circumstances under which a person engages in sex are completely different than the circumstances under which they have sex with a new partner.”
Casual sex: 15 Reasons You’re Screwing Up
But not having sex is arguably even worse when it comes to your health. A new study published in the journal Human Reproduction found that women who engage in less frequent sex have higher rates of chronic diseases, like heart disease and depression, compared to women with higher sex frequency. The study also found that women with regular, uncomplicated sex had an overall drop in medical bills compared to women who only had sex with hookup partners.
15 Things Only People Who Are Into Casual Sex Get to Experience
It’s worth noting that all of this isn’t to say that hooking up is a bad thing. It’s totally possible that casual sex can feel great, or be empowering, or be empowering in a way that it isn’t exploitative or dangerous. That’s why research into this area is essential — to help us all have better sex, be it casual or more serious. “Why wouldn’t you want to be in a loving, trustworthy relationship?” asks Sex and the City co-star Cynthia Nixon, who is studying for a doctorate in psychology. “Why would you want to sexually exploit someone, to have casual sex?”
Three years ago, looking to make a change, Cynthia Nixon made the move from New York to Los Angeles.
Newly single, horny, and ready to engage in more meaningful sexual interactions, she decided to get down to business and become the most serious person in the room: a relationship psychologist. These days, her life is filled with nonstop boozy lunches, group counseling sessions, and work meetings. She’s got a 9-to-5, and she’s having some seriously great sex. The question is: Has casual sex ruined her?
Her ex-boyfriend, “Jane,” remains at the center of her thoughts. Her brain whirls with questions: Had she made a mistake? Was it her
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It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. Facing the realities of casual sex isn’t scary, but it also doesn’t come without consequences. Whether you’re taking things slow with someone you know or heading out on the prowl with the hope of finding “your one true love,” it’s imperative to develop a plan before jumping in bed together.
Using the Excitement Scale, outlined by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, it can be difficult to tell if casual sex is going to be a spiritually fulfilling experience. These widely-researched principles include things like authenticity, credibility, affection, and disclosure.
Casual sex is usually considered to be unsafe. There are some times when it makes sense, though, like for the same-sex couple who isn’t seeing any more monogamous relationships right now. So it doesn’t have to be a bad thing on its own, though there are plenty of other issues that can pop up, especially if a one-night stand or several go awry.
Having casual sex doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. The bottom line is that it’s all about being a safe and healthy person. These just happen to be your concerns when it comes to having sex with an unrelated person.
This section helps you prepare to come to terms with the many and varied benefits of casual sex. Not only can it be good for your health and happiness, but it can also be a great way to show an ex how much you care about him. The more you know about each other before hooking up, the better prepared you are for exploring or expanding your sexual relationship.
Having casual sex shouldn’t be shameful or kept hidden. If you enjoy it and you’re both attracted to each other, you’ll be less likely to be turned off and more likely to enjoy it. If you’ve never had a one-night stand before, you might feel like you don’t know what to expect.
“It’s got the worst possible title, casual sex. It suggests it’s something spontaneous, unplanned, and dangerous,” says Krissi Murison, a sex therapist at swinger’s clubs. “So that really just means, ‘We’re both just horny, so let’s go try it out.’”
This is one of those topics that happens to come up fairly often. A good

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