Jim Rohn The Day That Turns Your Life Around Pdf 🌶️

Jim Rohn The Day That Turns Your Life Around Pdf 🌶️


Jim Rohn The Day That Turns Your Life Around Pdf

Its no big secret that stress is making your life miserable. But what do you do about it, what do you need to know to make your life simpler and less stressful? What has made your life the way it is today? What makes it the best it has ever been? How much time do you spend on things that give you stress? How much money are you spending on living your stress? Let Im show you the biggest reason why you have stress in your life. You will see it instantly. You will never have to deal with it again. You will never have to wonder why you have it. You will know exactly why you have it and you will never have it again. You will know exactly what it is you need to do to change it.

In this powerful and compelling program, you will discover the four emotional states that can change your life and how to generate them within yourself at will rather than waiting for external circumstances to activate them (something that may never happen). Once you’ve put yourself in the ideal emotional state, Jim will show you how to direct that momentum toward the specific circumstances of your life that you want to change. Using the unique and powerful set of tools he provides, you’ll be able to target any situation with laser-like focus and begin to transform it instantaneously.

Jim Rohn is one of the world’s most celebrated change makers, and the secrets of how he turned around his own life and turned many lives around. For many years, he served as a motivational speaker and sought-after adviser, where he mentored one of the greatest minds of our time, billionaire Warren Buffett. Jim is the author of numerous books, including his bestselling bestseller, Win Bigly. The Wall Street Journal named him one of the top 20 financial gurus in America. Having studied under the best in the business, he has learned the secrets to becoming a great life coach.

Based on the autobiographical novel “The Man from Nebraska” by Jim Rohn with Chris Widener this insightful book reveals how Jim Rohn overcame adversity, struggled, and triumphed over life’s obstacles. The new edition, published to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the original classic, features additional content, a new foreword, new appendixes, a new epilogue, and new endnotes and resources.
Rising from rags to riches through the practice of the four pillars, this new edition of THE MAN FROM NEBRASKA affirms his message that anybody can succeed, and it will inspire readers to realize their dream life and become all that they were meant to be.
This book is brought to you by people like you, who heard ROHN preach and were so inspired by his message and philosophy, that they followed him and his principles to develop the concepts and ideas that made THE MAN FROM NEBRASKA into the bestselling book that it is today.
He has been called the “Father of Self-Help” and the “motivational speaker of our time.” Jim Rohn taught that when you know what you want, how to get it, and why you want it, then success will be yours. As he says: “Every human being is his own greatest teacher.” Our best-selling booklet, THE MAN FROM NEBRASKA, was based on the teachings of Jim Rohn. Every chapter was written by ROHN himself, and the book inspired millions to find their purpose in life. We’ve revised the book to include the twenty-four lessons from the classic, plus forty-five new chapters for greater value.
The legacy of Jim Rohn has inspired countless people, from all walks of life, to realize their true potential and realize their dreams. Join the growing ranks of inspirational people throughout the world who have experienced the impact of this great philosopher’s message.


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