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If you handle video content on a daily basis, you probably encountered a bunch of situations that needed professional help in order to be solved.
Video Joiner Expert is one of the specialized third-party solutions that can help you manage video files on your computer by joining several items into a larger one.
Merge various video files
As its name strongly suggests, this application can be really helpful if you're trying to combine several video files into a single, large file and save the result on your computer. It supports a large variety of video files, providing you with a broad range of possibilities when it comes to file size, format and aspect ratio.
In order to begin the joining process, you need to load the desired video files from your PC. The app also enables you to load entire folders or import videos from Text, CSV and Excel files. The video selection can be saved on the computer for later use.
Supports several formats
As mentioned before, Video Joiner Expert lets you use videos of various formats. These include MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV, ASF and RM. The output file format can be chosen manually from the combo menu.
The application also enables you to convert the output document to a device-specific format such as Android devices, iPhones, iPods, PSPs, XBOXes, DVDs, and many more.
Simplistic interface
Visually-wise, there's not much to say, as this program embraced a simplistic interface with no jaw-dropping themes, but makes up by providing the end users with highly accessible features.
Therefore you can understand and operate its controls regardless of your PC skills or previous experience with similar software solutions.
Handy video joiner solution
All in all, if you want to merge multiple video files on your computer and save the result to a particular format, whether it's device-specific or a regular one, you can count on Video Joiner Expert.







Aspect 0.3.7 With Keygen

EZDataBrowser can work with SQL Server Express edition as well as with SQL Server databases which have been extracted from your production environment, making it ready to be utilized by any user, regardless of his/her familiarity with the SQL language.
For ease of use, the software utility provides a built-in SQL generator, enabling you to conveniently navigate your database and create a desired SQL statement.

Product Reviews for EZDataBrowser


DEC 09, 2017

By Rocky Chisholm

Not a power user of SQL, but found this to be a great tool.


ROB 09, 2017

By Jason

I have only been using SQL for about 6 years and this is the first tool that allowed me to look at the data I needed quickly and easily. I just wish that when it asks me to make a selection, it did not say to the database first, then the table and then the column. This would make a lot more sense to me if you are trying to look for a specific thing.


SRI 09, 2017

By Terry M.

The professional user will find this to be an excellent tool.


UNO 09, 2017

By Joe

This is a very easy to use program that i have found useful. I am not a power user of SQL but this program makes it fairly easy for me to be able to access the data I need.


JOHN 09, 2017

By Dan

This program makes looking at SQL a joy!


DAN 08, 2017

By Richard

This is a great product.


LEE 08, 2017

By Terri M.

SQL is a pain, but this helps to make it easy to see what I need.


RYAN 08, 2017

By Clifton

This is a great program for the dummies who just want to look at the data.


BUCK 08, 2017

By Patrick

This program has great potential to be a great tool to use for SQL users.


PHY 08, 2017

By H. D.

This program makes it easy to look at your SQL databases and

Aspect 0.3.7 Crack

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Aspect 0.3.7 Crack + With License Code Free (Latest)

Aspect is a combined frame size and AVI/DivX/XviD video bitrate calculator.
Here are some key features of “Aspect”:
■ calculate frame size according given aspect ratio
■ evaluate aspect errors
■ check frame size for compliance with codec (i.e. ensures that frame height/width is multiple of 4, 16, etc.)
■ calculate aspect ratio according given frame size
■ calculate avi video bitrate/size and bits/pixel value
■ evaluate interleave overhead for legacy and OpenDML AVIs
■ automatically calculate frame size depending on the video bitrate preserving good video quality
■ adjust aspect ratio for cropped movies, grab frames from unencrypted vobs and show frame preview
What’s New in This Release:
■ dgindex project files (d2v) support
■ avisynth script generation
■ duration retrieval from video files
■ autocrop function
Get support by visiting and selecting your preferred language.
Please note that Aspect won’t be compatible with future versions of vb-pro.
Supported AVI or DivX/XviD video encoders:
QuickTime, DivX, XviD, mpeg4, mpeg2
Supported AVI or DivX/XviD video encoders:
QuickTime, DivX, XviD, mpeg4, mpeg2
Video Bitrate Per Pixel:
Bit per Pixel (BPP)
bit (Bits Per Pixel)
5 bits
6 bits
7 bits
8 bits
Bit depth (per pixel)
Percentage of video bits in one byte
Bit depth (per pixel)



What’s New In Aspect?
enabling people to

Total Files:


Standard (Freeware)


Deadbeat Sound, LLC


Deadbeat Sound, LLC


Standard (Freeware)

File Size:

2.48 MB






Provide unlimited use

Aspect is a semi-modular polyphonic synthesizer software that can play the role of a real-life synthesizer. The instrument is supposed to combine a superior sounding, solid synthesis engine with a semi-modular construction.

The interface is a mixture of oscillators, mixers, filters, and other gauges handy for coming up with raw waveforms and neatly modeled sounds. External audio sources can serve as modulations and the other way around.

Creating your sounds is one thing, but having to choose from 200 factory presets orderly arranged in categories like bass, Drum, Effect, Keys, Lead, and Pad.

Each preset has a little bit of information attached. The name, author, notes, and tags are the data found when selecting a preset. Activating a preset will change all gauges on the main layout.

Connecting a MIDI keyboard should greatly increase the speed of use and flexibility. You can use the toolbar to start MIDI learn mode or edit the program change list.

The three envelope rows represent the modulation sources, capable of creating flexible LFOs and snappy attacks that can later be synchronized to any tempo.

To sum things up, Aspect is a connoisseur’s tool, as what it can do is strictly related to creating and manipulating sound. Additionally, this synthesizer might come as the cheaper alternative to an expensive real-life instrument.

What’s New

The following changes have been made to this version.

Aspect got a new skin which makes the instrument easier to browse and interpret.

Aspect now fully supports polyphonic operation.

Aspect is now able to learn a keyboard.



A lot has been added.

Aspect now fully supports polyphonic operation.

A skin has been added that makes the instrument easier to browse and interpret.

Aspect now fully supports polyphonic operation.

Aspect is now able to learn a keyboard.


The following changes have been made to this version.

Aspect got a new skin which makes the instrument easier to browse and interpret!!TOP!!

System Requirements:

Hardware Requirements:
Processor: 1.6 GHz
OS: Windows 7/8
Processor: 2.4 GHz
OS: Windows 7/8/10
Graphics Requirements:
Graphics: DirectX 9
Graphics: DirectX 11
Network Requirements:
Adobe Flash Player 9 or greater
Internet Explorer 9 or greater
Adobe Flash

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