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Product Features

AutoCAD provides full-featured 2D and 3D vector, raster, and bitmap drafting, drawing, and editing capabilities. This includes a standard feature set for basic drafting, with the ability to customize the application to suit the needs of users. AutoCAD also includes specialized software for engineers and architects, such as ACADO for structural design, MEP for mechanical and electrical design, and a full range of other tools for modeling, simulation, and visualization.


From the AutoCAD 2017.1 installation disc, you can install AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT on any computer. After installation, AutoCAD can be run on any computer.

Autodesk and AutoCAD

Autodesk acquired AutoCAD from DWG Software in 2005. Since then, AutoCAD has evolved to become the premier and most widely used 2D and 3D CAD software application in the industry. Today, more than 27 million registered users worldwide use AutoCAD products, and tens of thousands of businesses, universities, and government entities worldwide use AutoCAD products to improve productivity, control costs, and increase their competitiveness.

Using AutoCAD as a CAD tool for architecture, landscape architecture, or civil engineering is a powerful way for anyone to learn basic, advanced, and advanced techniques. Many of AutoCAD’s functions can be used in other Autodesk applications. For example, you can use the properties palette to access properties and to set values for all objects on a drawing, and you can use the Xref window to access additional information about the other drawing files in an active drawing or model.

Two-dimensional vector graphics (2D vector graphics) is the most commonly used type of CAD, because it is easy to create. You can quickly and easily draw straight, curved, or free-form shapes of any size or shape. Vector graphics objects—such as lines, circles, and polylines—are drawn as mathematical objects on a drawing surface. They are not rasterized or broken up into small shapes when they are imported to the drawing area.

Vector graphics have the advantage of being scalable to any size, and so their details can be hidden or shown at any level of magnification. Additionally, vector objects are easily edited, such as by moving or shrinking or expanding their paths, or rotating or flipping them. For more information, see the section: Types of CAD Tools.

In addition to drawing vector

AutoCAD 24.1 Free Download

Implementation of DXF for RDBMS (SQL Server, Oracle and DB2)
Implementation of DXF for all SQL database.
Extensible Storage Format (XML) (XES), with support for basic DXF.
Support for the portable Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML) format.
Imported Excel charts are based on XML and can be saved as DXF.
Autodesk Exchange App for importing and exporting AutoCAD Crack Mac drawings to the formats.dwg,.dxf,.dwg and.dwt, Autodesk Exchange App for Windows and AutoCAD Cracked Version LT.

AutoCAD Free Download LT has an improved DXF import and export. AutoCAD Download With Full Crack LT 2010 has also been released for both PC and Mac, allowing AutoCAD Crack Free Download LT and AutoCAD Free Download LT 2010 to be run on the same platform.

In 2016, AutoCAD Crack For Windows and Autodesk released AutoCAD Torrent Download 2016.

Autodesk was acquired by Nuance in 2013. Since then, AutoCAD has been re-branded to Autodesk Architectural Desktop.

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AutoCAD 24.1

Go to Autodesk Autocad 2010/2013/2015.exe file, or you can search it in the internet.
After installation is complete, go to Autocad 2010/2013/2015, run, and choose Autocad 2010/2013/2015.
Choose File -> Open. A window will come up with your project files like 2d, 3d, 3d models, etc…
Click “Add”

If you are getting an error “Could not open project files because the file system is read-only”, you need to make sure that you are using the original disk, or maybe you are installing Autocad in the wrong folder.

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What’s New in the?

The previous version of the AutoCAD print assist feature, which enabled sending a PDF or print job to a separate external printer, is no longer available.

Drawing Updates:

The Update Options dialog box now has a shortcut key to open the Update Settings dialog box.

Save in the Top-Down/Bottom-Up:

By default, when you select a feature in the Select Feature tool (S) on a 2D drawing, the selection changes from a positive to a negative, which is counterintuitive. The new Save in the Top-Down/Bottom-Up command sets the selection to a positive after you draw a line or arc, and then switch to the Edit mode.

Edit Geometry:

The new Edit Geometry command opens a dialog that allows you to modify the highlighted geometry and fit the lines to an exact length (i.e., make the lines “fit” a drawing area). The Edit Geometry dialog also includes a tool for snapping the new geometry to a line, a circle, or an ellipse (i.e., the geometry moves when you select the reference object and move it around). The shape of the reference object is displayed as a dotted arc.

The AutoCAD command is available in all drawing windows.


The new Render Options dialog box, which enables you to control how the scene is rendered in the drawing window, has a new tab that provides controls for the quality of lines and curves.

The new command, Draw Custom Lines, draws customizable lines by specifying a line style and an explicit or implicit line width.


The new Explode command, available in a 3D drawing only, converts a surface to a polyline. Explode can be used to convert a face to a series of lines or to explode the lines themselves.


The new Sweep command draws a range of lines parallel to the current point in a 3D drawing. The resulting lines may cross the current line. The area inside the sweep range is visible only when you switch to the Wireframe view (from the Display contextual tab).

New commands have been added to the Modify Drawings dialog box. These commands can be used to fix geometric problems, clean up your drawings, and combine multiple files.


The Cleanup command offers four actions to clean up your drawings: join noncont

System Requirements:

Supported operating systems: Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1.
Processor: Pentium II and above
RAM: 256 MB
Video: DirectX 8.1 or later
Sound: DirectX 7.0 or later
Hard drive: 2 GB
Input device: A mouse, joystick or keyboard
Other: There are no specific requirements for this game; however, keep in mind that we strongly suggest that you have at least a 256MB RAM and 2GB of hard

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