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all of these men get extremely rich, but when they die, he cannot successfully predict the next life of their followers, even though their horoscopes are set to an exact date more than 500 years in the future.

the astrology industry is like a criminal syndicate, says vaidya. they all fall under three heads: the professionals that do the actual prediction; the intermediaries that publish the predictions and collect money from customers; and the legislators that classify it as a profession and regulate it.

keshava dave, one of the top astrologers in mumbai, agrees that the astrology business is a criminal syndicate. he gets its customers by spreading fear and panic among people, using letters to relatives that send them back dirty money.

for example, the theory that black money is linked to the zodiac is a complete farce. nobody has actually been able to prove it. astrologers say that people who own houses in the zodiac suffer financial losses in the long term. but this is a baseless theory, he says.

even his own predictions have turned out to be wrong. he has predicted that bollywood actor akshay kumar will marry the daughter of a political leader. but he never imagined that the daughter would marry the son of another actor.

vyas says he was appalled by the indian government’s decision to change the name of marathi to devanagari, a move he says will kill the marathi people. “indians are not aragana, they are arya, because they are the descendants of aryan nomads who wandered from the north to settle down at the indus valley and the ganga river,” he says.

he has said in a book, that there are 350 million accidents every day, of which 5000 are fatal. not all of those are in the bhrigu samhita, but there are a few. he has also said that accidents happen because of the five senses or because of disease and not because of a particular event. but he also has made some extremely obscure predictions. in one, for instance, he foretells that in the year 2003, a man named mukund ambada shukla will be the president of the united states.
one day, for instance, when he was about 10, one of his teachers told him to pray to his two deities (bhrigu and saptamat) with a pad mark on his stomach. vyas did as he was told. the next day, he woke up with a wound on his stomach. it was from a severe beating he had received at the hands of his father.
seeing his teacher after years told him that when he prayed to the two deities, he had also made them come into his body and made his father suffer. he had taken on himself the sins of both the father and the deities.
vyas strongly feels that the bhrigu samhita is not an exact scientific chronicle of the future. but that does not mean the book cannot be used to predict health hazards, say some experts. for instance, he makes a prediction of an epidemic that will start in 1985, killing 17 million people. the epidemic will be caused by food poisoning, say the experts.
then, he takes out a sheet with 15 circles, he places a finger over the three points of his right palm, aligning himself with bhrigu. he inverts his index finger over the three points of his left palm, aligning himself with saptamat.

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