Corel Videostudio Pro X5 Wedding Template Pack

Corel Videostudio Pro X5 Wedding Template Pack

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Corel Videostudio Pro X5 Wedding Template Pack

instead, you can drag and drop still pictures, moving them around and pasting them into the timeline. as mentioned above, the timeline includes a timeline book that can keep you organized. you can also adjust the movie-editing timeline by changing the time-frame selections. this tool lets you select from one to seven frames at a time for each scene.

all of the standard features of a typical video editor are available in the menu bar. you’re also offered a clip shot button, which allows you to play back the timeline using a single button click. these can be especially helpful if you’re editing a lengthy video at a wedding where the camera goes off-screen between shots. you can also create and edit text and audio watermarks in the timeline, as well as add a one-minute timer countdown, preview, and music/soundtrack settings.

we strongly suggest you set your standard play speed to the industry standard of 24 frames per second (fps). if you need higher frame rates, such as 30 fps, that’s not too difficult to achieve in the video studio application, but you’ll need to use the export feature in the application to save the files as the desired format.

when it comes to exporting, videostudio offers a slew of options, such as the ability to strip away unwanted audio from a video-file in the windows media format and save that file as a new file. the video format you need is provided in the export tab.

editor features include trim, color balance, exposure, gamma, brightness, saturation, gamma, sharpness, and lut presets. you can also import photoshop and other psd files for specialized effects like hand-drawn or type-on-image options. templates are limited to basic looks, but adobe’s like-for-like content and flexibility are an option, if you want it.

the template gives you one keyword that you can add to any of the clips in the timeline. but the effect doesn’t work with any clips that have nothing attached to them. so, if you want to add an end-of-night shot, you need to have a clip that has been attached to the end of the timeline already. similarly, if you want to add a shot in the credits, you need to have a clip in the timeline that ends with a title, subtitle, or credits. clips that have text on them won’t work.
at the top of the timeline you’ll see the keyword panel, where you can add one or more keywords to any of the clips in the timeline. you can even add multiple keywords to the same clip. this has the same effect that adding text has in premiere elements. for example, if you want to add the word “epilogue” to a clip, you click the epilogue keyword on the left and then click that clip in the timeline and enter “epilogue” into the keyword box on the right.
you can drag the clips in the timeline around, and you can add more than one, to create new sections. you can see them in the timeline by selecting the related color in the color drop-down list on the timeline.
each time you add a new section, you lose any timeline management that’s set up for that section, so its a good idea to be careful and plan ahead. the size of a section can also be set in the timeline, making the template’s design view less cluttered.
to trim your video, click the trim icon in the edit mode toolbar or select it from the edit menu. this provides a toggle for on/off, leaving you to choose the exact position of the cut with the cross-hairs just like trimming a still image. videostudio provides access to the full range of transition effects, along with their duration presets. you can choose from standard transition types, such as fade, cross dissolve, slide, or warp. you can also select from 21 unique effect-preset transitions.

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