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A better you. A better world. Be a part of our Million Pound March and pledge to make a difference in the fight against obesity.
Our goal is to help America shed one million pounds by the beginning of summer, so join the movement and pledge to lose your weight today!
Whether you pledge to lose five or 50, every person and every pound counts.
Come back often for free weight-loss tips, constantly updated information and new blog entries from experts and fellow dieters to help you reach your goal.
Be a part of this exciting challenge today! Simply visit http://www.millionpoundmarch.com and pledge to support the movement towards a better you and a healthier country.
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Since its inception over two years ago, the eDiets Million Pound March has donated over $11.00 to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) for research into the many aspects of obesity and eating disorders. The Million Pound March is a challenge to all Americans to lose at least one million pounds between now and the first day of summer.
Medical and nutritional experts from the United States joined together to launch the Million Pound March. The campaign includes the end of free dieting, a new incentive for individuals to lose weight, a private support network, and pledges that have brought over $12 million in weight-loss donations to date. Read more… all of them. And I think that is what terrifies them,” he said.

Republicans are increasingly thinking of the environment as a crucial issue in 2018 and beyond. Large-scale wind and solar power — both of which have become more affordable in recent years — would make it easier for GOP candidates to run on their environmental credentials.

Ahead of the unveiling of the EPA’s proposed budget on Tuesday, Republicans in Congress are readying a lengthy litany of complaints about how the agency fails to fulfill its lawmaking role. They note that the current administration has streamlined EPA’s budget, denying it the ability to track or respond to greenhouse gas emissions.

Yet some also acknowledge the political calculus that is driving their policy choices.

“I think we have to live in a world where people aren’t thrilled with our environmental policies,” said Sen. Dan Sullivan, Republican of Alaska. “But there’s no question our environmental policies are important and I think it’s important for us to stay credible.”

Meanwhile, environmental groups say, the Trump administration is engaging in a systematic assault on the agency that is eroding its ability to address climate change, air and water pollution and protection of wildlife habitats and natural resources.

As its first big move in its first 100 days, the administration has frozen regulations on protecting the Great Lakes, started to ease restrictions on the use of toxic pollution and campaigned for state-level officials who are undermining EPA’s authority.

Brett Hartl, government affairs director at the Center for Biological Diversity, said the administration is launching an all-out assault on the agency because it is “fully aware that Americans look to the EPA to stop polluters and protect clean air and clean water for

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Don’t be late to the Million Pound March. The problem is… you can’t be late to the Million Pound March!
The Million Pound March Coalition is a group of advocates pushing major changes in how America eats. We need you to join the million pound march and pledge to lose weight so we can make America healthier and save millions of dollars in health care costs.
Will you take part in the Million Pound March? Simply visit and pledge today!
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What’s New In?

This is the first time we have worked directly with a mobile operator to make a nationwide campaign available to their customers. We would like to thank Orange for their positive and proactive involvement in the Million Pound March campaign.

“We’ve received massive numbers of votes, and we’ve already seen an 11% reduction in the number of overweight adults in UK,” said Paula Watson, director at WeightWatchers UK. “The Million Pound March campaign means that millions of people have entered the health revolution – and have already achieved their first goal, which is to make a meaningful commitment to eating well and exercising.”
“WeightWatchers has an innovative, proven and effective weight-loss plan in Weight Watchers® Points® that users can trust to help them achieve and maintain their ideal weight,” said David Glazer, CEO, the WeightWatchers Limited. “We’ve been working with Weight Watchers since the very beginning, helping its members shed pounds, get healthy and live life to the fullest.”
Million Pound March Features:
 New Weight Watchers® Web tracking technology to keep you on track in real time
 New My Weight Watchers® tools to help you visualize your progress and create your own weight-loss goals
 Exclusive online discussion groups, tips and photos to help keep you motivated
 10% discount on your first point purchase
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Please login to your Paypal account, and use the following link:
*Million Pound March is currently supported by eDiets. In the event we are terminated by Paypal, we will work with you to move your account to another provider of eDiets services. For more information, please visit our support page.

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