Image-Line Vocodex VST V1.0.3


Image-Line Vocodex VST V1.0.3

100% compatible with FL Studio, 21 VCOs per voices, 17 filters per voice, 5 effects per voice, every voice has 11 parameters that are customizable and you can mute, slide, pan and pan up and down the parameters, this product will make you professional

The VST from Image-Line is the perfect vocoder to come between your guitar (lead guitar, bass guitar, harmonics, tremolo), keyboard, drums sounds for vocals, horns, piano, strings, riffs and more. It will also work with any instruments that is compatible with FL studio that has synth/VST audio inputs. Vibe on.

Hey, it’s me dick! You like my music, right? It’s slow and catchy, and I know you want to go dance, so go and bump booty in your rig!!! Or hit the streets with your hip hopper to grab some sweet moves. I hope you like my music, and the musical composition I call: HOUSE!!.

After years of creating music, i wanted to be able to take a smooth vocals recorded in FL Studio and create a kickin’ vocoder from it. After a couple days of trial and error, i figured out a way to take synthetic instruments, like the Vocoder in FL Studio, to a place where the natural instrument abstracted (subtly or blatantly ) could not be.

A very fine and perfect DAW software for production of House, Electro, dance, trance and any oher music genre. I Love FL Studio it’s so so easy to use it and to produce the kind of music I want. By the way it has made me a star in my hood. FL Studio+House music=Excitement. Thanx image-line.

Thanks to the guys over at TomsFastTunes I’m able to present an alternative to TheMacsSpeedVSTfor FL Studio. This plugin is based on the a powerful, yet simple implementation of a Search and Replace. It is capable of getting the results of a string search/replace into a block of tracks or an entire project.


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