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Serial Number Logos 4 Bible Software

comments: the lse provides an easy way to search the word of god in context. it does this by using a series of logic questions and answers to help determine what the original author intended. it is particularly helpful for understanding difficult biblical passages. it can even answer “what did the author of the passage intended you to understand?” for those of you who are not familiar with the lse, simply put, it sorts out all the other search results with true search results. this may be used to search out books that contain a verse of interest. for instance, it would be useful to search out all the commentaries on psalm 6, verse 1. this is because one of the lse devices searches for verses that share the same number of words as one of the primary text units it is searching on. for example, if you search “one day” it will find all the verses that contain one of the seven days of the week. so, if you enter “one day” and “in the beginning,” it will find every reference to “one day” in the bible. the lse is a great tool for those who desire to know what the author of the book of hebrews meant by “yes, once for all,” using the example of john 3:16. it’s a great bible study tool, but it doesn’t answer every question. the library for logos: this tool, which is also a great bible study tool, provides as a quick and efficient way to search for books based on logos’ intelligent database. it allows one to search in many different ways. for instance, one can search by titles, authors, chapters, verses, and notes.

i want to take a brief detour here and introduce you to a great new bible search engine thats unfortunately not as well known as google (yet – its still in beta testing). open your browser and go to the following web address: you can search the world wide web by combining bible references with your own search terms. take a look at the following photo for example. ive entered john 3:16 and my search returned over 4,000 hits. all those books have free e-book versions in any major e-book format (.epub,.mobi,.pdf, etc). you can click on the link to be taken to their individual pages or download the books to your computer and save or print them. these are all free and very handy.

i’d love to see the kjv of the bible included in logos as a resource.. unfortunately kjv translations are sometimes problematic (e.g. tyndale’s or tyndale-biscoe’s translations). this was the case with the fifth mactutor’s bible (ie matthew, mark, luke, john and the acts of the apostles). however, with the newer logos library that contains the kjv of the old testament, the complaints have died down. and logos doesn’t display any concerns or reports about it. that is, until we mention the kjv of the new testament. instead of displaying the kjv of the new testament, logos displays the neb and other english versions of the new testament (with the negative exception of the nasb). it is my impression that a kjv of the new testament would have been fairly easy to add.
comments: recommended conservative brief verse by verse commentary on most of the bible. guzik is one of the few entire bible commentaries from a contemporary writer which is freely available on the internet. the comments on prophecy are definitely conservative, evangelical and literal. a good guide to determine whether a given author interprets scripture literally, is to read their comments on revelation 20, specifically regarding the 1000 years mentioned six times (eg read guzik’s notes on revelation 20
curt, i agree that logos is not currently set up for readers. a little while ago i asked them about their prices and purchasing individual titles versus collections. as best i can remember their explanation for their prices is that it is more than just a digital version to be read. it takes manpower and time to go through each word of each book to tag in order for it to be searchable the way logos intends, not to mention creating the hyperlinks and footnotes within the books. i do not have any experience with any other readers, so i really do not know how they compare to logos in terms of searching all of the text of a book. as far as collections go, they can often offer titles cheaper in a collection. (although if you do not want the rest of the books in the collection, you would be paying a pretty penny for that one book.) logos says that they judge whether they will offer the book individually or in a collection by the pre-pub sales. if not enough people pre-order the book, it likely will not get published as an individual title. hopefully my memory is pretty accurate in these things.

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