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Sher Dil (1990)

Sher Dil (1990) info.

Sher Dil (1990) overview.

The second Pollywood (Pakistan) film to star the Hindi superstar Rishi Kapoor, Sher Dil is about the misadventures of the film’s lead villain in Pakistan’s Pollywood. Film Series. Sher Dil (1990) Movie Songs, Full Songs, Music, MP3. Watch & Download. We Love Bollywood, Moviecast, TV, & Bollywood. Salman Khan Interview For Sher Dil ’90. Dabangg 2 Torrent Movie download 2020, Full Movie watch. Sherdil 720p movie download free VASTU. Sherdil is the remake of Hindi film Cheeni Kum starring Amitabh Bachchan. The film is directed by Mohan Segal and released on 8 August 1990 under the banner of Vashu Films. the film receives negative reviews.

Free movie Sherdil (1990) torrent reviews

P. Hoffman (16.07.2019)

a very good comedy starring rishi kapoor,rohini Hattangadi,and aryo

Kavi (14.07.2019)

You gotta keep an open mind.

Tina Washington (18.07.2019)

Enjoyable and amusing…you just have to watch the movie over and over again to fully appreciate this excellent film. It features an amazing performance by Rishi Kapoor, with a definite flair for comedy.

Rob (12.07.2019)

Rishikapoor is a very cute and funny guy. The acting is very good and this is one of the funniest actioner. The sound and music quality in this movie are also excellent.

Rukmini (01.07.2019)

I really enjoyed this movie…Rishi Kapoor is one hot guy, obviously! 😉

Douglas (23.06.2019)

This was a ’90’s kinda movie. Rishi Kapoor is so darn adorable. I’d give this 3 stars.

Ellizabeth (29.05.2019)

Loved this movie. I would love to watch it again

Amy (31.10.2018)

Good but not great

douglas davis (01.05.2019)

so cute and funny I loved it thanks Rishika

Friend of mine (10.04


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