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Our database for magickal purposes is a “Dictionary” which is a list of magickal Word usage that we are interested in. – While we are primarily interested in all forms of magickal Writing, we are also interested in all forms of magickal Speaking, and of course in all forms of magickal Acting.
The “Dictionary” is keyed to the main heading of each magickal Word usage in terms of inclusion, of exclusion, of prefermentation, of substitution, of diversification, of exclusion. – The purposes of the “Dictionary” is to offer individuals an insight into the various forms and variants of magickal language. – Our use of the Word “corresponds” can be somewhat different from your use of the Word. – The inclusion of the Word “corresponds” is an exercise of our creativity. – As with any exercise of creativity, our results will vary. – We invite you to join us in the following exercise – Share your results with the wider magickal community.
“If I were a psychiatrist and wished to help a patient who had hurt someone, I would do something like this. I would first take a look at his life, and determine what was good and what was bad in it. Then I would find


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