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Download Free Roblox Generator ————— DOWNLOAD

Download Free Roblox Generator ————— DOWNLOAD


Roblox. It’s More Than Just a Website – It’s an Imagination.
Roblox is an amazing virtual world that’s accessible to people from all over the world. Create your own games, hang out in a game-friendly community, or just explore in Roblox Town.
In Roblox, nearly everything is possible. Whether it’s building the tallest skyscraper, learning a new skill, or racing through the dessert in a car, anything can be done in Roblox.
The Power of the Imagination.
Roblox was created for children around the world with a single goal in mind: to bring the world of play to life.
Beyond the technology involved, Roblox is heavily based on the power of the imagination and the desire to create. Roblox is such a success because of the developers and the users who work together to create incredible, life-like experiences for each other every day.
Meet the Roblox Team
We’re a global team that’s more than 3,700 employees strong. With the help of our community, we shape the future of play and imagination for children and their families.
Our Mission:
To empower children around the world to imagine and create the world of play in a safe, inclusive, and creative environment, and to ensure that everyone has the power to share in this great community.
Meet the Developer
David Baszucki created Roblox while at Valve as a way to have fun and experiment with technology. After taking a year off to go to graduate school, David started a company to create a virtual world that, like his childhood experience, was open to all.
Start with simple tools and provide an easy learning curve for creators to access powerful tools quickly.
Erik Cassel is the CEO of Roblox and is responsible for its long-term growth. Before Roblox, he worked on several other tech products, including the portal for
Opinions? Let Us Know
We want to hear your thoughts. Drop us a line at [email protected] or visit us in the comments below.
We’re always available at
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How To Get Free Robux Without Using Your Password Free For PC [2022-Latest]


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You should use the official APK that you can find on the Downloads area of the Roblox website.

Features:- This app is free.- This app has no connection to the Modification page on the Roblox website.- Use any Minecraft Mod or Flippant APK that you wish!- No explanation needed. Enjoy!- Compatible with Android versions 4.0 and higher. Requires 1,700MB and over 200MB free memory.- This is the same as you use, just from Unlimited robux.- You don’t need to wait for anything- You don’t need to install any APK- It’s completeAPK

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707 reviews


Nov 17, 2017

Works ok but lacks many features.

An Awesome Mod! Would love to see its BRIDGE updating tho but even thou…

An Awesome Mod! Would love to see its BRIDGE updating tho but even thou the homepage in robux is missing 2 of the 5 pages all the quests are gone lol But I love this Mod I have one question is there a way to disable the robux in this mod lol because it says that you are out of robux! ? but if you click the drop down to robux it’s FREE OF CHARGE!



379 reviews


Aug 9, 2017

OK but lack of major features and does not function at all without the world map mod!

Fully Functional

After editing the Apk, you will get a different world map



15 reviews


May 26, 2017







May 19, 2017

Revision: version 6.0. This version fixes some bugs. Just log in with facebook to download content. Log in with Google and put in API KEY FIRST and then just log in with your google account.

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