DigitalDesignWithanIntroductiontotheVerilogHDLVHDLandSystemVerilog6thEdition18 !!BETTER!!

DigitalDesignWithanIntroductiontotheVerilogHDLVHDLandSystemVerilog6thEdition18 !!BETTER!!



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a graduate of the university of waterloo, formerly employed by intel, and currently working at a small not for profit company. brian has written one other book, “introduction to digitaldesignforembeddedsystems” that can be found here .
verilog is a hardware description language. written in a similar style as other high-level programming languages, it is usually implemented using a type and pass-by-value approach. this means that if you declare a variable, it is not initialised automatically. you have to specify what value it should have. furthermore, verilog is sequential, you can only compute values one at a time. you cannot, for example, iterate over a data structure using verilog.
this is the sixth edition of the book introduction to the verilog hdl and system verilog. this is a set of design lectures followed by a set of assignments that should lead you to the same level of proficiency as if you had completed a 1 year verilog / vhdl design course. it’s a team effort between the author and the instructor.
this book is suitable as a digital design course, covering the design from first principles to system level. students who wish to get an overview of the latest published technologies and concepts for building integrated devices are recommended to use it in conjunction with systemverilog and systemverilog vhdl, which includes tutorials on verilog and vhdl tools, simulators and development environments.